Philosophy and Approach

Our firm provides high-level coaching for executives, individualized coaching to enhance performance, and individual interview coaching in preparation for next-level assignments. These coaching sessions can help employees assuming new responsibilities or individuals or teams seeking to increase their effectiveness. The sessions provide concrete pointers and practice sessions that enable individuals to portray their capabilities more effectively. The sessions also utilize the most effective feedback mechanisms to sharpen skills and individual presentation.Our consulting services offers two coaching tracks: one for individuals seeking to improve their interviewing skills and one for organizations that wish to invest in the development of talent.


Individual Interview Coaching

Our interviewing skills track offers three one-hour coaching sessions as a single package for $350 or a single session for $150. The three sessions are divided as follows:

Session 1

Your coach will work with you to discuss how to present career high points, accomplishments, and deal with any difficult issues. The session involves a review of your resume, job description, and any other relevant materials.

Session 2

Your coach will work with you in developing the main points that you wish to convey, shape the key themes and stories you wish to convey, and help you consolidate these ideas into sound bytes.

Session 3

This session will be a mock interview with feedback to assist you in refining your approach and delivery.

Interview coaches are available in the following cities:

Fort Lauderdale
Interview coaching is also done over the telephone or via Skype.


Coaching for Leadership Success

Our leadership coaching begins by a confidential assessment of the client’s needs through discussion, review of job description, organizational chart, performance evaluations, and any other relevant information. If desired, a 360 degree feedback assessment can be conducted to provide additional confidential data. The client’s priorities and needs as well as the organizational context are the focus of these confidential sessions. These sessions are also available for work teams. Coaching sessions can be conducted over the telephone. On-site consultation is also available.