Academic Leadership and Administration

Philosophy and Approach

For institutions seeking to recruit, retain, and develop diverse and talented academic leaders, our firm provides high-level professional development and strategic resources that strengthen faculty engagement, facilitate student success, and support a culture of Inclusive Excellence. Our research-based professional development seminars and webcasts delivered by experts in the field synthesize leading-edge perspectives and provide practical insights that address the specific needs of your institution, school, and department.  Interactive workshops and conferences foster dialogue, provide benchmarks and assessment opportunities, and address practical tactics for addressing specific challenges that face academic administrators.

Representative topical areas for seminars include:

  • Building Inclusive Departmental Cultures and Overcoming Diversity Resistance
  • Enhancing Student Diversity: The Fisher Case and Beyond
  • Campus Climate: The Nuts and Bolts of Assessment
  • Dealing Successfully with Conflict: Approaches and Case Studies
  • Designing and Implementing Strategies for a Winning Faculty Workforce
  • Rethinking Cultural Competence: Building a Campus Ecosystem for Diversity
  • Overcoming Behavioral and Organizational Barriers to Diversity
  • Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Diverse and Talent Faculty
  • The Department Chair as Transformative Diversity Leader
  • Strategic Workforce Planning and Budgetary Allocation