Employee Communication

Philosophy and Approach

Communication is the main channel for organizations to share their strategic vision and motivate employees. Without a clear communications program tailored to the organization’s strategic objectives, employees may not understand and appreciate the values of the organization, its direction, and its objectives. Our strategic communications partners work with clients in creating specific programs to strengthen communications and have expertise in areas including compensation, benefits, organizational change, labor and employee relations, and diversity. Our expert consultants can give you strategic guidance and targeted services to enhance workforce commitment and engagement.

The following questions reflect issues and concerns that our firm can help you address:

Do you need to develop more effective communication channels and greater trust in management initiatives in your organization?

Have budget-cutting and downsizing affected organizational morale?

Do employees feel they are “out of the loop”?

Do you need skilled assistance and strategic guidance by facilitators that appreciate the complexities of your organization?

Do you need ways to market internal and less popular programs such as compensation initiatives and workforce contraction issues?

HigherEd Talent can help you address these issues through concrete strategies that include high-level strategy advice, focus groups, climate studies, employee communication tools, seminars, and coaching to enhance the skills of managers and other employees to work effectively with internal and external clients and customers.