Talent Management & Organizational Design

Philosophy and Approach

Strategic talent management is a key driver of organizational success, including what type of talent you need, how to attract and retain diverse and talented employees, and workforce planning. We will help you evaluate your current talent strategy through a comprehensive talent assessment that will identify strengths as well as talent gaps preventing you from attaining a high performance workforce. Our talent management practice will help clients assess and resolve key talent issues impacting their organizational strategy, effectiveness, and financial performance. Through analysis of current approaches, comparison with best practices, and development of customized models and work systems, we design more effective ways to maximize organizational capability. Our services are based on the latest research and best practices and evaluation of organizational design to provide recommendations that optimize and focus valuable talent resources.

Our experts in talent management can assist you in the following areas:

Organizational Design

  • Assessment of current design
  • Convene focus groups and synthesize findings
  • Conduct process mapping
  • Evaluation of design models and workflow systems
  • Benchmark current design with key comparator organizations
  • Develop a customized, phased plan for guiding the organization in the change process

Talent Strategy Assessment

  • Comprehensive evaluation of current talent model
  • Environmental scan and budgetary analysis
  • Evaluation of current human resource capabilities and strategies
  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Diversity assessment and scorecard
  • Design of performance management systems
  • Integration with compensation systems
  • Workforce planning and comparative staffing analysis
  • Organizational reviews
  • Introduction of competency-based models based upon position requirements
  • Compensation planning

Workforce Metrics

  • Talent analytics and benchmarking
  • Development of metrics for accreditation and institutional effectiveness planning
  • Linking departmental/divisional objectives with overall organizational strategies
  • Performance-related metrics and organizational results
  • Analysis of effectiveness of current metrics and recommendations for enhanced measurement processes
  • Review of systems and processes from start to finish with focus on customer satisfaction